We bring you the tools to improve your business.

Our main interest is your satisfaction. To do this, we use the latest technologies in the different development platforms that will bring you to the new trends in the global technology market. We develop the website that will boost your business, contact us and we will give you a proposal you cannot refuse, we bring you the best and most creative solutions to grow your business.

Web development

We bring new designs to suit the new mobile technologies with designs to suit the different screen resolutions in the current market.

E commerce

An easy and effective way to sell is online. We bring the tool to make it possible for you, to publish your products, register your customers, register payments with credit/debit cards, management of your inventory, shipping and more.


Search engine optimization so you can make your page known and it may appear first in the search in any web search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more...

Social manager

Take your business to new areas, new markets and new clients using social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Apps development

Do you want to get the mobile application of your business and get the software for the internal processes of your business? Leave everything in our hands.

Accompanied by the best technology

About Fix Computing

We are a company dedicated to provide informatics solutions for your business or company with quick and efficient solutions for your needs.

We offer our services at globally competitive prices. The satisfaction of our customers is our reason for being and we work hard to achieve it in each one of our projects, whether small, medium or very complex.

We take you by the hand to create your website, your mobile app or software, to integrate all of your ideas and take them to the new online market. It is not enough having a big idea and a website with a good design, you must make yourself known, to do that, we positioned you in the market by optimizing your web pages(SEO) showing you an unlimited number of new customers.

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