Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to provide informatics solutions for your business or company with quick and efficient solutions for your needs.

We offer our services at globally competitive prices. The satisfaction of our customers is our reason for being and we work hard to achieve it in each one of our projects, whether small, medium or very complex.


We take you by the hand to create your website, your mobile app or software, to integrate all of your ideas and take them to the new online market. It is not enough having a big idea and a website with a good design, you must make yourself known, to do that, we positioned you in the market by optimizing your web pages(SEO) showing you an unlimited number of new customers.

We are leaders in the implementation of online sales websites(e-commerce), so you can take your products for sale on the Internet.

Our Mission

Fix Computing

It is characterized by its great responsibility and entrepreneurship to all its customers, always giving their best of itself to get the best results.


We love please our customers with the best dedication and the best attitude to get great results achieving satisfaction in our customers which characterizes us.

Quality and excellence

We provide attention to our customers needs, to give great results with quality and excellence.

Our work

Web design

E commerce


Applications development

Social Manager

Business integration