Social Manager

Social Networks

Nowadays it is necessary for organizations, traders or companies can communicate with their customers! That's why Fix Computing offers the best service to manage your social networks!
1  Facebook

Development and management of profiles and pages on Facebook that your company has to inform and influence all your customers.

2  Twitter 

Full panel of Twitter statistics activity and the impact of your publications on the community.


Inform daily your community the latest updates of your company on Instagram that currently has more than 150 million users.

The use of social networks at work by employees can potentially transform the workplace.

Fix Computing gives you design services and strategic planning for the proper use of social networks, giving the company or organization a very important strategic approach knowing that social networks are the main means to get noticed by the thousands of users who visit these networks daily. To do this we will give an online new business approach according to the new trends in the field, we will give you a higher level of reachability than rivals and an analysis to monitor and manage your online image; we will create a community around your brand or company and we will analyze the main needs that your customers seek to solve.

With FixComputing you will achieve all your business goals you've always wanted to get, you will enter the field of social networks that is the principal means of market and the most demanded for its easy and wide access.